Beyond CSAT Surveys:

How Bill.com is improving customer conversations with real-time sentiment analysis & agent guidance

Learn about the Loris approach to revealing interaction level sentiment, agent impact, and what's guiding the next wave of customer experience strategy at Bill.com.


Bala Venkataramanan
Head of CX, Bill.com
Maggie Faust
Head of CX, Loris


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Bill.com agents believe their conversations are better with Loris

Agent experience and buy-in is critical to Bala’s strategy as agent experience ultimately impacts the customer service they deliver.  With help from Loris, Bala Venkataramanan, Head of CX at  Bill.com and his team gained better visibility into every customer conversation and the insights they need to drive more positive outcomes.  And their customer advocate team benefits from real-time customer sentiment scores and suggested language to help improve every interaction, in the moment they are happening. 

The Loris intelligence layer is a simple chrome extension that works natively with Bill.com’s Zendesk platform (and integrates with all major support platforms). 

Watch the virtual discussion event to learn:

  • How Bill.com improved quality metrics without degrading efficiency and productivity 
  • The importance of moving away from survey sample based data, to transaction based sentiment 
  • The value and potential of aspect based insights to understand when the customer sentiment is geared towards the agent, the product, or the brand itself

Loris Impact — a Win-Win

  • 78.6% of Bill.com agents felt their conversations improved 
  • 7% decrease in chats ending negatively
  • No decrease in efficiency or productivity scores

Meet Our Panelists

Industry leaders obsessed with leading customer experiences, with a focus on digital channels and emerging technology. 


Bala Venkataramaranan

Vice President — Head of Customer Experience, Bill.com

With previous experience at HP, Google, and Intuit, Bala touts and impressive background in contact center support, operations, and customer success. In his current role at Bill.com, Bala has enabled his agents to have better customer conversations using Loris, leading him to evaluate what data points are most important to customer satisfaction.



Maggie Faust

Head of Customer Experience,

Loris' leader of Customer Experience, Maggie is at the heart of practicing what we preach here at Loris, helping companies have better conversations with customers. Maggie has supported Bill.com's journey with Loris and continues to work closely with Bala to ensure our tools are meeting their needs.