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Poor customer service interactions impact your revenue and reputation.

Set yourself up for success in preventing bad conversations, mitigating escalation, and learning from the negative interactions that do occur.

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Negative customer conversations are costly.

That's why we wrote this actionable playbook for turning around “bad” customer conversations, stopping them before they start, and converting unhappy customers into your biggest fans.

According to Zendesk's CX Trends 2022 Report, 61% of customers will switch to a competitor after one bad customer service experience. Meanwhile, 81% say a positive customer service experience makes them more likely to repeat purchase with a brand. 

The Better Conversations Playbook will help you:

✓ Identify bad conversations

✓ Mitigate escalation

✓ Prevent future bad conversations

✓ Learn from “bad conversation” data quickly

✓ Making changes in real time to turn things around fast

Download the playbook to learn more.

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Download your playbook, packed with insights from CX experts like Dan Gingiss, former CX leader at Discover, McDonald’s, and Humana.

Walk away with specific tips on how to quickly identify commonalities across bad conversations and solve problems before they spiral out of control.


Download the playbook to learn:

  • How to structure your tech stack and issue routing to reduce bad conversations
  • How tech can de-escalate situations and help agents communicate empathetically 
  • How to identify patterns or trends from previous bad conversations 
  • How to apply those learnings to prevent future bad conversations
  • How to scale the “human touch” and demonstrate empathy customers expect